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This blog is about the love I feel for this planet. It's about my soul on canvas. It's about my ruthless life, in constant contact with the world. It's about the love that moves life. http://www.busanhaps.com/article/interview-italian-artist-karma-chodon

LIFE Shadow's auto portrait
39cmX 74cm
Korean rice paper (Hanji) Acrylics Watercolours
From a picture I took of my shadow in a cave in South Korea in 2013. In that cave was cold, rainy, grey and my shadow reflected on the wall, but at the end there was a way out, a light, a warm feeling. Just like in life!

Watercolour paper
In these hands there is a mala. In each mala there are 108 stones representing the 108 desires from Buddhist philosophy. Through them we can find the path to enlightenment.

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