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This blog is about the love I feel for this planet. It's about my soul on canvas. It's about my ruthless life, in constant contact with the world. It's about the love that moves life. http://www.busanhaps.com/article/interview-italian-artist-karma-chodon

SOGNI (Dreams) 
60,50x40,50 cm canvas
Korean watercolor on Hanji (traditional Korean watercolor paper), acrylic.
Felt, tulle, satin, lace

Working through sewing can feel like painting. Cutting different materials into pieces, the process of creation takes place on the canvas, as the picture comes alive through the combination of these shapes, just as it would with a brush. In this painting, I wanted to give life to the many dreams that lie in my heart. My inspiration has been taken from a passion for underwater diving.
One dream is the wish to be able to keep my inner child alive, regardless of my age or what happens in life. More importantly, it is the feeling about the dangerous reality that our planet is facing at the moment where I see myself as a Mermaid without real identity in a completely fake environment.

Korean rice paper
Korean watercolors on watercolor paper
Satin, velvet
Hand sowed
People sometimes come from similar stories. They find in each other's story sharing a way to create a marvellous relationship

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