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This blog is about the love I feel for this planet. It's about my soul on canvas. It's about my ruthless life, in constant contact with the world. It's about the love that moves life. http://www.busanhaps.com/article/interview-italian-artist-karma-chodon

40,50cm X32,50cm
Mainly Acrylic on canvas
Mixed technique
This is a sarcastic title representing my political argument about what is happening in the world: the massive manipulation of the Earth and this constant battle between money and the nature. We do not need to destroy the planet in the name of profit. A time may come when Mother Earth decides to bite back.

59,50cm X 39,50cm
Acrylic on canvas
Life is like barbed wire. The only way out is through keeping your heart open and holding on to love. This is what I pictured when I saw my shadow in the demilitarized zone in Korea.

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