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This blog is about the love I feel for this planet. It's about my soul on canvas. It's about my ruthless life, in constant contact with the world. It's about the love that moves life. http://www.busanhaps.com/article/interview-italian-artist-karma-chodon
Acrylic on canvas hanging in the frame
This is a pattern I have seen since I was very young, I just wanted to express it.
4 little canvases mounted on purpose in the middle of the frame because they must flow in the space. This painting is designed to hang in a big window to represent life hanging on invisible delicate lines connecting the human being with the universe, including both the spiritual and the material world.

Sanguigna, watercolor,acrylic on water-colour paper
Every aspect of the human body is fascinating: its natural perfection and its sexuality. The most inspiring interpretation of it is that in its nudity there is the simplicity of our natural manifestation at its best. It is the link we have with our primordial origins.

Water-colour pencils on paper
What happen if.............
I change the point of view?

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